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About The Book:

Author: Delia Castel
Pub. Date: February 14, 2019
Publisher: Delia Castel
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 231 
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A Huntress of Faeries. Five cursed Fae Princes. An evil that will destroy the world.

When Eighteen-year-old Neara saves a villager from the clutches of a deadly faerie, the Fae Queen sends warriors to abduct her dying father in revenge. To gain his freedom, Neara must venture into the Shadowlands and obtain three enchanted objects under the supervision of the bestial Prince Drayce.

As Neara and Prince Drayce grow closer, she discovers the Queen’s scheme to release an ancient evil and enslave the mortal world. To thwart these plans, she must break the curses of five Fae Princes, but the cost of doing so is her Father’s life.

Torn between saving the human realm and saving her father, Neara must navigate this treacherous world and choose between love, liberty, and power.

Curse of the Fae Queen is a reverse harem fantasy adventure for fans of A Court of Thrones and Roses and A Song of Ice and Fire!

A slow grin spread across his face, showcasing even, white teeth that had no business on a face so scaly. I bristled, spine-stiffening at his mockery. In a low purr that made my spine tingle, he said, “Call me Drayce.”
I stepped back, and my hamstrings hit the edge of the four-poster. “What happened between you and Queen Melusina?”
“Do you really wish to know?” He stepped so close, I felt his heat radiating through his leather armor.
I pulled my shoulders back. “Actually, I—”
He cupped my cheek and lowered his lips onto mine.
Firm lips, softer than I had imagined, brushed against mine in the lightest of caresses. Sweet, tentative, safe. His warm, leather scent engulfed my senses and pushed away the doubts that plagued me earlier. My eyes fluttered closed, and I yielded to his touch.
Just as I became accustomed to his kiss, he drew back and examined my face with those slitted eyes. There was something skittish in his gaze, the expression of one waiting for a rebuke. When I smiled, he kissed me again.
I slid my hand over the leather encasing his forearm, over his strong, hard bicep, wanting, needing more.

About Delia:
Delia Castel has loved fairy tales for as long as she can remember. The books she writes under this pen name are steamy, reverse harem retellings of classic stories.

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