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About the Book

The Legend Series follows the mystical tale of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Arthur, now known as The Duke of Avalon, is a cursed man living in the modern world, desperate to break the curse that has plagued him for over a century. Forced to live a thousand years watching his beloved Queen live hundreds of lives just beyond his reach, he has now made active strides to make her his and break the curse. 

Alexandria York is just a normal young woman, an artist, striving to make her mark on the world. When she meets The Duke of Avalon, she is catapulted into a world where the impossible is possible, and her Dragon of a Duke is her King. Alexandria must make peace with her fate and chose the love of her past or the love of a lifetime in order to save the tortured Avalon.

Now, Resurrection is the third book in The LEGEND Series and the true quest begins. Avalon and Alexandria vow to stand together to face Mordred. When news of Lancer’s corruption reaches Caliburn Estate, they have to move swiftly to protect Alexandria before it’s too late. 

The Knights of the Round Table begin to assemble as they prepare for war. They soon discover the war isn’t just coming for them, but the entire world.

The story of King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table takes a modern turn, filled with adventure, love, and betrayal.

Kylie’s Bio:

Kylie C. Stewart has been writing short stories and books all her life. Kylie was influenced by her Scottish heritage to become an independent British history buff. She has a small library dedicated to Tudor history and is lover of the Arthurian legends. She also has an intense love of the supernatural, theological, paranormal, and mythological worlds. Kylie is also an Audio Book Narrator with over 50 titles under her belt and a member of the APA.

Resurrection is the third book of the Legend series, a modern retelling of King Arthur’s tale. You can sign up for Kylie’s newsletter and connect with her on her website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.


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