Book Reviews & GIVEAWAYS: Kayin's Fire 2.5 & Heirs of Avalon 3 by Alica McKenna-Johnson

Alica and amazing author of the Avalon series has given me each book in the series to read, review, and giveaway! This post is for Kayin's Fire short book 2.5 & Heirs of Avalon book 3! I wanted to get it up last month when book 3 came out but my schedule is so crazy busy lately I wasn't able to. I am so sorry!! Are you ready for my reviews?
Are you ready for the GIVEAWAY? Either way keeping reading!

Kayin's Fire short book 2.5 Synopsis:
Children of Fire come into their Phoenix powers on their fifteenth birthday. For some the change is celebrated but Kayin wakes to a nightmare. His black curls have turned bright red, and fire dances in his eyes. Convinced that he’s become a demon, his mother casts him out of his village in Zimbabwe.
Feeling confused, scared, and abandoned, Kayin is saved by other Children of Fire, who take him into their family. Now he must learn to control his power and adjust to the energy and excitement of New York City. But will he be able to cope with the aching desire to return to the home he loves?


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My Review:
I enjoyed this short story that follows Kayin from Africa to New York City. The challenges faced by Kayin and the way he handles them was engaging. I enjoyed the characters in this book they were well written. I loved the book setting and magic! I think everyone will enjoy this short story that author created for us. 

My Rating:

Heirs of Avalon book 3 Synopsis:

Christmas lights and her sixteenth birthday brighten Sapphire’s days. Her London nights are warmed by the attentions of Ramsey, a kilt-wearing selkie with a smile that promises both fun and trouble.

She is growing into the role of leader of the Children of Fire. But her closeness with Ramsey and choice to withhold information causes distrust within her family. Their weakened bond allows a new evil to grow, unrecognized, around them.

Horrified by the consequences her decisions have on the people she loves, Sapphire has to choose between her own happiness and her responsibilities as the Jewel of Akasha.

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My Review:
The story is original, the whole series is original. I really enjoyed this one because it amps up the excitement for me.  The characters throughout the series have been my favorite for many reasons but mainly because they are believable characters. The challenges they face in this book make the story and characters even better. I love the magic too because it is fun and fresh compared to other books! Honestly I need more people to read this series so I have others to fan-girl with me. I recommend to all!

My Rating:

About Alica McKenna-Johnson:

Being told she was a horrible speller and would never learn to use a comma correctly, Alica never thought to write down the stories she constantly had running through her head. Doesn't everyone daydream about flying on a spaceship while walking to school?
Not until she was thirty did Alica dare to write down any of the people living exciting lives in her head. The relief was instantaneous. By giving them life on the page they could be released from her mind and given greater adventures.
As her books grew in size and the voices in her head learned to wait their turn, Alica found a loyal group to journey with. Women who would help her slay her commas, and use their magical gifts to traverse plot holes, transform words into their proper spelling, and release characters from any Mary Sue spells they might be under.
In-between magical adventures, Alica is mom to two personal kids, five foster kids, has one exceptional hubby, a bunny she knows is plotting her death, and some fish, aka her daughter's minions.

For more information or to connect with Alica, follow her at:



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