My First Short Story For You!!

At the end of last year, JENNIFER L. ARMENTROUT (all upper case because she is an awesome author), held her 3RD ANNUAL WRITE YOUR WAY TO RT. I wrote a short story and quickly handed it in before I would chicken out and not allow anyone to read it. I WANT TO BE A WRITER AND I HAVE NEVER LET ANYONE READ A STORY OF MINE BEFORE THIS CONTEST! Wow that felt great saying out loud. Anyway last month she announced the top three and I didn't win...awe... I did not expect to when you just realize how many aspiring authors applied. 
I still feel good about writing it and submitting it for people to read!! 
Now that the contest is over I have decided to post it online for all to read!! 
Please critique so I can get better at this craft I wish to excel at! 
Also please share with your friends!

Anyway here it is:


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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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