Book Blitz: Kirk Sandblaster Faces TETRAGEDDON


"Kirk Sandblaster is in a pickle. His bank account is empty, and he can barely scrape together the Tetras to get a fine mind-spirit. Like any self-respecting space adventurer, he - along with his Zaarian sidekick, Xlaar - travel to the planet Quonda, where the mighty Tetra Bank hold residence. It turns out he’s not the only being in Universia short of credit, as the planetoid space station Tetra Alpha Bank has gone rogue, and it is up to Sandblaster, Xlaar, and a crack team of security officers to find out what the hoot is going on. Faced with mercenaries, rebels, and lethal vending machines, can Kirk Sandblaster restore the Universe’s cash? Or will Tetra Alpha Bank’s corrupt AI keep him locked in forever…"


Meet Oli Jacobs:

Oli Jacobs is a man. A man with a beard. He isn't that interesting, but his books are.
They consist of:
Kirk Sandblaster - a series of sci-fi comedy novellas about a puckish Space Adventurer, and his alien sidekick. Read as they find treasure, fight pirates, and generally try to stay out of trouble.
Filmic Cuts - collections of short stories that range from the chilling Detention Room, the touching My Son, The Hero and horror poem series Sense. With a range of influences from Lovecraft to Dahl, each volume contains a multitude of genres, from Western to Comedy.
Station 17 - a pulp horror collection that aims to get under your skin and in your head. Discover what lurks Underneath, before seeing what causes the Stains inside your mind. Inspired by classics such as The Shining and Who Goes There?
Bad Sandwich - there are no words to describe Bad Sandwich. You have to read it to believe it. Good luck.
As always, Oli hopes you enjoy his books. And if not, he apologizes most profusely.


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2018 Reading Challenge
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