Writing Update: My first Beta Reading Experience!

I am sorry I have not been posting a lot of original stuff or accepting any more books to review. I have been working on my own writings! First I am officially going to knock out 50,000 K in 30 days in November for NaNoWriMo. I have my outline ready to go. 

Also for the first time I completed a short story and had a couple beta readers review it!!
I have never allowed anyone to read any story I have written before....It was nerve racking and I thought I was going to die when I got the feed back and give up writing!!
Thankfully having someone else, or two someones in my case, was not that bad. 
I got honest feedback that I found encouraging and helpful.
What was funny was that I knew they were going to criticize some of the things I knew I did wrong. I should have took my time and properly fixed those issues before letting someone read it, but I was too eager to let someone read it and give me feedback.
My favorite feedback was that one of them thought I could do a series of novellas in the world I created!

Things I learned from my first beta reading experience:
  1. Make sure to proof read my work before sending to beta readers. I have a method of printing out my work and reading it through, red lining my mistakes, then editing them. I always find all my grammar mistakes this way. However I was too busy to print out and proof read my short story and my betas definitely called me out on my grammar mistakes. Thankfully there weren't that many. This one left me feeling like DiNozzo: 
  2. I cut a lot of material to stay under the word count I needed. Doing this caused confusion for my beta readers. They just couldn't grasp my characters intentions. I need to make sure when I make cuts that I need to understand the reader doesn't know what I know. Therefore I need to make sure I do not cut information that is necessary to the plot or character's motives. 
  3. Lastly I need to worry less because beta readers are there to help, not to destroy writers. My mind set was definitely negative going into this experience and what I can't do is thank my first beta's, Zach and Tom, enough for changing my perspective. 
I am definitely excited to let people read my work now, so expect some of my writings to show up here soon!

So Thanks!

Are you a writer? 
What was your first beta reader experience like?
Let me know in the comments below please!


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