NaNoWriMo November 2015 Challenge ACCEPTED!

I hereby commit to writing 50,000 words of a novel this November. You know it's official because I used the word "hereby".

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My Novel
Title: Little Wolf
Author: TinaMarie22
Genre: Young Adult

Two American nature loving scientist found an abandoned little wolf in Scotland. Turns out it was a human baby too! Now eleven years later they had a rambunctious teen werewolf! Luci was loving her life in a small town snuggled in the white mountains with her eccentric scientist parents. One full moon it all comes to a crashing end when her family is attacked by other werewolves. Luci never met another werewolf before and now she has to figure out if she can trust the town hermit who Luci learns is also a werewolf. He rescued her from the attack but wont let her go back to save her parents or revenge them. Now Luci was being dragged back to Scotland where, Argyle town hermit fellow secret werewolf, says there is an old clan of wolves she might be from and who can protect her from the murderous werewolves after her.

I do not have a cover yet and NaNoWriMo encourages uploading as a motivational tool. I might sketch something but I am not sure I have the time.
Does anyone love to draw or create digital art? If so and my synopsis inspires you I would love you to create me a cover. NOTE: I DO NOT HAVE MONEY TO PAY ANYONE FOR A COVER THIS IS JUST IF YOU LOVE ART AND WANT TO HELP ME OUT. 
Just post your cover art here or contact me through my contact tab above.  


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