Book Review: The Apostates by Lars Teeney

About the Book:
Title - The Apostates
Genre - Science Fiction/Dystopian/Post Apocalyptic
Word count - 235,000

New Megiddo has been born out of the ashes of America, an America that has sacrificed liberty for security. Ravaged by environmental disaster and shuttered off from the rest of the world by border fortress walls, and the strict dogma of spiritual leader, The Reverend Wilhelm Wainwright, the people take small comfort from the sermons the Reverend delivers straight to the people's minds via the [Virtue-Net]. However, the President John W. Schrubb Administration has been losing its grip on power. Murmurs and rumors of a resistance group of Apostates emanate from "Database" dens in the slums, financed by a mysterious source, are said to be scheming to free the people. Will the Apostates strike in time before the Born Again Gathering ushers in a state-induced Armageddon?

Past wars sew the seeds for the rise and fall of the Regime and ambitious figures scheme to usurp the scraps after the collapse in this science fiction dystopian thriller. It features a diverse racial, gender and orientation cast of characters.

About the Author: 
Lars Teeney
After going to an art school in San Francisco, racking up insane student loans and working for years as a freelance designer for the start-up culture, I became burnt out. I abandoned the Bay Area for the Pacific North-west, where I could hike and bike to my heart's content.
Although the idea for the book had been swimming around in my head and on random notebooks for 10 years, it wasn't until my mother got sick that I received a memento mori that put I fire under my sack to write The Apostates.

My Review:
I read this book a little bit ago and was going to give it a 2.5 or 3 rating. Then the author contacted me stating he had a lot of feedback about mistakes he made, so he edited the e-book and asked me to re-read it. I was glad that he made the changes he did it made the book easier to read. I have now updated my rating from 2.5 - 3 to 3.5 - 4! 
This story is a heavy one with a lot of religion, politics, and violence being its core. The focus of the story was about those willing to believe religious and political propaganda for safety without any freedom. Against those who do not buy into the religion and politics they are being fed and want their freedom above all else. I found this story scary because it is in the realm of possibly futures for this country. Maybe I am overthinking it but honestly it is not a farfetched reality. The characters basically came in two sets the followers and non-followers with only minor differences in the non-followers that make them unique. The plot was built nicely and had me intrigued until the end when the conflict was resolved a little to easily and quickly just to end the story. The setting and overall theme of the book were crafted well and made this a good read. I feel like adults who love political turmoil and well-crafted post-apocalyptic stories will enjoy this read. 

My Rating:



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