Book Review & Giveaway: Legacy of the Feathered Serpent by Alica McKenna-Johnson

Welcome to my book review & Giveaway of Legacy of the Feathered Serpent by Alica McKenna-Johnson!

Legacy of the Feathered Serpent: Children of Fire Book #2 by Alica Mckenna Johnson

First an ancient Phoenix King and Queen and now a sleeping Mayan god, could Sapphire’s life get any weirder?
Sapphire. 15 years old, strong, intelligent, with newly acquired Phoenix powers. She travels through South America, with her newly-discovered family. Performing with Cirque de Feu Magique as a cover, the Children of Fire respond to the need of magical creatures to return home to Akasha. 
Powerful beings take a dangerous interest in the creatures they are called to save. The challenges of growing leadership and conflict with a newly-wakened Mayan god force Sapphire to realize she’s stronger than she thought.

And for the Paperback

About the Author:
Alica dreams of living on a "Clothing Optional" beach where lovely men of many ethnic backgrounds bring her drinks and rub her feet, while wearing a variety of kilts and skirts (optional, of course). When on the verge of a nervous breakdown she plots her escape from exercise, gathers her sweats, and fills out applications to become the creepy night lady at the Circle K. 
Alica McKenna Johnson lives in Tucson, Arizona with her very understanding husband two to eleven children, depending on the time of day, and her daughter’s minions--aka the fish. Instead of collecting stamps--BORING--Alica collects sexy men in kilts. Hey, her husband is VERY understanding. At least Alica no longer collects them in the basement.

My Review:
This book is better than the first and I would actually give the book 4.5 jellybeans aka stars. The issue with the first book was it slowed down during the second half do to all the letters from the protagonist's mother. The second book in the series doesn't have this issue. I enjoyed the plot a lot more too the pace flowed a lot more evenly then the first. I found that Sara aka Sapphire was a lot more like-able in this book she had a lot of character development since the first one. The world created that Sapphire is navigating in this book is enchanting. I love the mythos crafted by Alica it's charming. Overall I really enjoyed the read and can not wait for the third book. This series has me hooked and I would recommend to anyone who loves YA, Mythology, and/or paranormal book series!!

My Rating:

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