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About the book:
“There is truth to be shared. Let us begin…”
Volatile mathematical genius Mallory Park is living two lives. In one, she is balancing senior year with looking after her little brother and troubled ex-Marine father; in the other, she spends her nights glued to her laptop, breaking into some of the world’s most secure systems as the hacker Echo Six.
As part of a corruption-exposing cyber network called the Forum, Mallory is far more at ease among the codes and hidden identities of her online world than she has ever been in the real one, but when other hackers start to go missing, she finds herself caught up in a web of secrets that could have repercussions far beyond both.
When anyone can be a name on a screen, how do you know who to trust?

About the Author:

Laura grew up in Woking, England, and studied music at the University of Surrey.
She has written two musicals. The most recent is fantasy story The In-Between, the concept album for which featured performances by nine leading West End stars. Since its release, it has been played on BBC Radio 2, performed atWest End Live and received hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and Facebook.
Laura’s first musical, Faerytale, was showcased by the Guildford School of Acting at the Electric Theatre. She has also written the scores for two nationally touring plays, The Haunting and The Perfect Murder, and been Music Advisor for a third, Dead Simple.
As an arranger and orchestrator, Laura has been Musical Associate for The Night of 1000 Voices (2010, 2012), Kerry Ellis and Brian May’s Anthems: The Concert and The Wonderful World of Captain Beaky with Vanessa Redgrave, Joanna Lumley and Hugh Bonneville – all at the Royal Albert Hall. She was also an arranger for the Cantabile Christmas Cracker at the Prince of Wales Theatre.
Laura has written two novels, Tainted Earth and Echoes, the latter of which is due to be published this September.

My Review:
I read and review a lot of books and sometimes right after finishing one I think I shouldn't have given one of the previous books a high rating because this current book is ten times better. This is the case for this book. I have given out a lot of reviews lately that might have been too generous after reading this one which was sooooo great! This is a well written smart book full of suspense that will keep you reading! The plot is fast paced with solid writing and a well crafted backdrop.  I loved all the high tech hacking aspects. The characters are some of my favorite characters I have read in a while. They all have distinct characteristics that I found realistic and likable. Mallory is going on my top ten favorite fiction female characters list because she is strong, smart, family oriented, and level headed!! I honestly believe this book will capture all readers with any favorite genre already set.

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