Book Review: Unelmoija - The Mindshifter (Weeia, #2) by Elle Boca


In book two of the Weeia series, Unelmoija: The Mindshifer, Amy’s courage is put to the test. 
Will her new found allies, human and Weeia, help her? 
What of Duncan, her love interest? 
Who is the half demented man torn between killing and hugging her?
As college friends Amy, Krissa and Lilly head to South Beach for a girls weekend they have no idea of the evil that lurks in plain sight. When Lilly goes missing Amy and Krissa discover they’re the only ones that might be able to save her by using Amy’s superhuman abilities. They pick up Lilly’s trail only to be swept up in a life and death conflict larger and darker than they imagined. An unexpected encounter turns the stakes in their favor briefly before they find out the daunting odds they face to find and rescue Lilly before slavers sell her and she disappears. To make matters worse, Amy may have broken the Weeia’s highest law and used her abilities in front of humans.

About the Author:
Elle is the author of the Miami Weeia urban fantasy series about super humans. Elle makes her home with her king cat husband in South Florida. When not writing and creating fantastical beings she likes photographing nature and wildlife, eating baked goods, watching movies, and dreaming of going on safari. Growing up the only child of a monkey mother and a rabbit father she learned to keep herself entertained and spend time reading.

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My Review:
I loved the first book and really enjoyed this one too. The mystery in this one was a lot more grim then the first on because it is about human trafficking/slavery. This left me biting my nails for a happy solution for all parties involved well except the bad guys.  The story is fast paced and galvanizing. Amy has better control of her powers in this book and has grown from the first one. However there is still room to grow for her which I like. Duncan, Amy's love interest from the first book, is only in this book a little bit.  On the one hand I liked that the plot and Amy's life didn't revolve around a guy. On the other hand I am like GIVE ME MORE DUNCAN. It is one of those things an author can not win on.  This is another great paranormal urban fantasy mystery. Yeah this book is so well developed it effortlessly encompasses many genres. I recommend to all who love a great read. 
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