Book Review: Freya's Inferno (Winging It #1) by Sonja Bair

Genre: Paranormal suspense/romance
Pages: 276 print pages
Published: January 20, 2015

Freya Holm is smart, quick-witted, and an Alva—a paranormal species with the ability to fly. In a bid for a normal life outside of family expectations, she moved across the country. But within a few days of arriving in a small California town, she finds herself fighting over the last bag of lentils with an attractive but ill-tempered werewolf named David.
David Waterstone is desperate for normal, too. Recently banished from his pack, he finds himself struggling to stay sane. The presence of another supernatural power in his new town, especially one as inquisitive and lively as Freya, makes his struggle even harder.

When their new city gets besieged by an insane supernatural with a passion for Dante’s Inferno, Freya’s family sends in one of her old schoolmates. Alrik Isaksson has long been in love with Freya, but she can’t see beyond their hurtful history. Despite the tension, David, Alrik, and Freya must work together and use their intellect, supernatural powers, and sense of humor to survive the layers of Hell being created in their town by a maniac with a passion for literature.

Authors Bio:
Sonja Bair never expected to be an author. As long as she can remember she has created stories in her head, but as far as writing a book- that was something only to be done by Professional Authors. Yet one day she found herself writing, then writing some more. And about a year later, much to her surprise, she had written a book.

When not writing books, Sonja is a mother to two beautiful daughters, wife to a wonderful man, and a high school science teacher. She lives in gorgeous San Luis Obispo and drives a 1984 AMC Eagle. The Eagle, she would like to note, was purchased for her by her husband after it made its appearance in the book. He jokingly put a ridiculously low bid on the car on Ebay, but a day later found himself the proud new owner of an Eagle. History will vindicate Sonja's love of her classic car.

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My Review:
You know what I love..?? A strong female character named Freya who has wings and a dry sense of humor. Throw in two hot guys (one is a werewolf I love werewolves) and you got yourself a great New Adult (NA) novel! I thought the premise of this story about a small town with a few supernaturals (supe) getting taken over by a crazy supe trying to turn it into hell was good. This kept the pace of the book flowing for me, so the pace wasn't fast nor boring. The mystery is the main focus of the story which I enjoyed. The two hot guys express their interest for Freya, but she is more intrigued by the issue the town is caught up in. I liked this aspect of Freya she isn't some silly female captivated by the men in her life so she is able to puts the important things first. However, my issue with Freya was the fact that she wanted to prove herself strong and would end up in situations where she needed help. You can still be strong woman and get help from a man, if you are on a mission to prove yourself strong you are going to make yourself look like a fool and get stuck in bad situations. Other than that aspect the read was enjoyable. I liked the world built, characters, and supernatural aspects of this story. Was this an addictive read that will keep me anxiously waiting for the next book... no, but it was a good read with a nice ending. Due to these factors I loved the read it wasn't addicting but it was still a well written book! I will probably pick up the second book if it comes out to see how the characters progress and to get lost in another mystery that will turn their world upside down if they do not solve it.
I recommend to anyone who wants a quick enjoyable read, especially if you love NA, paranormal, and mystery books!

My Rating:


  1. Great Review! I really enjoyed this book as well. I agree with what you say about Freya, I liked how she focussed on the issue at hand instead of the romance, although I wish she didn't keep running off alone and getting in trouble. The mystery was pretty interesting. I personally labelled it as Adult, but New Adult would probably fit as well. I didn't fully connect to the story, but I am looking forward to the next book.


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