Book Review: The Codex by Joe Duck

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The Codex: An Angel's Guide To Seducing A Human by Joe Duck
When an ancient book capable of summoning a demon is stolen from heaven, Narius, a young and not so bright angel of knowledge, is cast down and ordered to destroy it. If he fails, he can never return to his blissful life as a lazy library guard.
Fortunately, to aid him in his quest, Narius is accompanied by the Codex, a theoretically holy book, who sprouts terrible courtship advice like a cheap fortune cookie.
Upon arrival to the world below his, Narius is tricked into helping Emily, a greedy sorceress in a bit of a pickle, trying to deal with a hungry dragon.
Together, the human and the angel must overcome enchanted apples, evil elves and the impoverished dragon or risk watching their world burn.

About the Author:
Joe Duck is a fantasy writer, living in the surprisingly warm land of Canada. He lives with two dogs who sleep during the day and run around the house at night to annoy the neighbors.
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My Review:
I was expecting an epic fantasy book and what I got was a very funny fantasy! From the monstrous creatures, to the hero angle Narius, and Emily the devious sorceress, the book is full of characters that will keep you laughing out loud. If you do not like comedy no worries there is fantasy and an adventure to be had. Besides well developed characters this book is also fast paced and full of twists and turns. Honestly I was thrown a little by the plot change half way through the book, but I was invested in the characters so I kept reading. The book ended well and I enjoyed the read overall and laughed out loud a few times! I would have worked on the ease of the plot change in the middle of the book. Other than that this is a great Funny Fantasy and to be honest there are not enough books like this on the market. Go out get your copy today! Warning, there is a lot of sexual innuendos in this book so I would not let anyone to young read this one. Otherwise I would recommend this book to all mature enough!

My Rating:

*THE CODEX will be available for free on July 11th to 12th for two days day on Amazon.*


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