Book Review: The Collective by Kenan Hillard

In his quest for revenge, Abel must confront a cunning tyrant, ruthless bounty hunter and charismatic warlord. An ambitious dictator; Victor Xonox, is hell-bent on dominating the ruling class through manipulation and treachery. The Mountie's precision with a firearm is only surpassed by the fear inspired by the whispers of his name. A hardened, loyal army of mercenaries striving on the edge of the wasteland are commanded by the man known as Warden. 

Imagine a future America where the most precious resource is hoarded by eight wealthy families and walled cities comprised of towers draped in excess dot the landscape, outside those walls the masses are defenseless and left to the mercy of rogues, when Abel's father is executed for violating the news laws, the young agitator is set on a path of revenge that brings him into direct conflict with a ruthless mercenary. Can Abel be the catalyst to diminish the unyielding power of THE COLLECTIVE?

About the Author:
Kenan Hillard grew up on X-Men comic books, Mad Max movies and Final Fantasy video games. It's no wonder his love of a good story led him to try his hand at writing. In his roaming 20's his creative mind led him to pursue design degrees in Architecture from Washington University and The Georgia Institute of Technology. In between designing he continued to read X-Men comic books, watch Mad Max movies, play Fallout videogames (had to replace Final Fantasy) and most importantly write. Follow him on twitter @collectivekh

My Review:
This is a post apocalyptic story, but different from all the rest I have read. You have a future where water is the most important thing on the planet and families who rule like royalty because they control the water resources. These families are also known as The Collective. Those who do not live within the collective are outlanders they have to fight to survive and hide any water source they find because those of the collective will take it from them. This is where our story begins. Abel an outlander has a well with water then Victor Xonox a leader of a collective finds out and takes it from him and locks up Abel. Abel escapes and wants revenge. The story has a good pace from the start and will keep you reading. I like the writers style of writing because I could see the story play out like a television show in my mind. There was action throughout and I found the story riveting. The characters were established in this story but there was little character growth. However this book could lead to a great series where there can be characters growth. If you do not like series no worries this is a great standalone too!
The concept is believable because I live in Arizona and it is always drought season. I have seen lakes/rivers dry up, politicians fighting over water, and rich people wasting this limited important resource. This  is why I find this book a bit scary because this could definitely be our future. 
If you want a great post apocalyptic story then this book is for you!

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