Book Review: The Buried Children by Daniel Farcaș

The Buried Children by Daniel Farcaș 

This true story is the journal of an orphan child born in Romania in 1980's during Nicolae Ceauscu's communist regime, Daniel becomes a homeless child on Bucharest streets and in the city underground sewers after he runs away from the orphanage and lives through the 1989 Anticommunism Revolution. 
Daniel ends up running from the Romanian Secret Service and police that want him dead and he manages to fly to U.S. using someone else passport help by Mariana, an American girl that falls in love with him while in a Humanitarian Mission in Bucharest.
There are other stories tangled in the novel, an adopted child, a child reunited with his father and a child killing his father and grandfather who abandon him.

About the Author:
Daniel Farcaș

Daniel Farcaș born in Constanta, Romania gender is male. His influences Mihai Eminescu.
Genre: Children's, Art, Humor And Comedy
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My Review:
The author just sent me an email saying he liked one of my reviews and asked if I would review his book and there was a PDF of his book attached. I put his book on the back burnisher because the email was vague. This last week I tried to read it and well I was not able to finish it. The grammar is really bad and I am not sure how he got even close to a 4 star review on goodreads. 
I went onto amazon to read the reviews there because the goodreads reviews all seemed to have given the author a good review because the book is about disenfranchised neglected children in a communist Romania. So on goodreads if you book is sad and trying to have a good moral to the story you will get a good review. This is not the case on Amazon. Apparently the author spammed out people who have left reviews for other books saying generically I liked your review of "book" so give my book a 5 star review on amazon. He did not tell me to give him a five star review but did ask that I review his book and "Thank you so much for your kindness!" So he learned his lesson on telling book readers to give him good reviews, but he is still spamming readers emails asking for reviews and generically mentioning another book you reviewed without any further detail! Oh it is a sad book about forgotten children who need people to truly care. Okay well if you want people to be better people and to rebuild humanity for the better than pay for you book to be edited so people can read it. Honestly I tried to get into the story the childrens' personality helped me get to the middle of the book but the grammar was so atrocious I could not read on. 
This is what I have to say to the author please STOP spamming readers/reviewers with generic emails. Also if you want real reviews and more readers then get your book EDITED BY A PROFESSIONAL and re-publish. After you do that and you need real reviews try clicking on one of my lovely book tour host to the left and they can help set up book review tours where you will get real reviews and lots of exposure!

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