Book Review: Chimera (Universe Eventual, #1) by N.J. Tanger

Chimera (Universe Eventual, #1) by N.J. Tanger

On the verge of extinction, the Stephen’s Point colony must take desperate measures to save themselves. Without communication or resupply from Earth for the last fifteen years, the colony has but one chance to survive: restore the ancient starship Chimera and train a young crew to pilot her. The fate of the entire colony rests on the shoulders of a pair of misfits: Theo Puck, a sixteen-year-old hacker with a gift for speaking to machines, and fifteen-year-old Selena Samuelson, a brash but talented pilot with a dark secret in her past.

To Theo, the Mandate to crew the Chimera seems like a game—one he isn’t invited to play. A brutal murder changes everything. Left with no choice, Theo has to complete the Selection training and make it aboard the Chimera or face terrible consequences.

Selena wants to do what she does best—fly. Piloting her father’s ore trawler is the only life she’s known before a horrifying accident strands her aboard the Hydra, the station responsible for rebuilding the Chimera. Forced into the Mandate testing against her will, Selena encounters an unexpected ally, forever changing the way she sees the Chimera and herself.

Forced to make brutal choices in order to survive, Theo and Selena’s fates intertwine. But behind the scenes, someone else sets into motion events that could destroy everything they’re fighting to protect.

About the Author:
Nathan Beauchamp is a gifted science-fiction writer and successful businessman with a background in finance. He has multiple short stories in publication and is the brains behind the nuts-and-bolts business strategy of the Universe Eventual book series.

Joshua Russell is a screenwriter and filmmaker by trade. One of the highest ranked instructors at DePaul University where he teaches story craft, Josh is a story structure enthusiast and provides the comic relief, which is ever-so-necessary for a team of ambitious artists.

Rachael Tanger is a world-traveler, entrepreneur, and fiction junkie. She has a rich background in online advertising and marketing, as well as web and graphic design. She has a profound dedication to the crossroads of art and technology.

My Review:
I want to start out by saying I really liked the fact that this young adult book had a male protagonist instead of female. Most YA books I read the lead character is a female and I do not mind that but it is refreshing to read a book from a male characters perspective. Why do I need to read from a males perspective from time to time because sometimes they are much more simpler characters than female ones and simplicity can be sweet. I loved the Sci-Fi theme of this book it reminds me of all my favorite Sci-Fi shows, which are no longer on the air (if Hollywood wants to take a hint and create a great new Sci-fi show, well here is great inspiration). This book is difficult to put down because the world, characters, and issues grab your attention from page one! The characters are faced with such negative circumstances but they remain motivated and positive throughout the issues they face. I really enjoyed this becasue characters in books that are positive reflect onto me and help me face my own day to days a little bit easier. The universe created felt like a possible future for us which made it realistic. The sci-fi and technology in this world was easy to understand and believable compared to other books in this genre. Again the book was fast based but more character driven. You become invested in Theos' journey and his emotions will truly captivate you while you read.
If you like Sci-fi or just need a great YA book to read this is the book for you! 
Go out and buy it now!

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