Book Review: Aurelion: Eternal Balance: The Coin by Lights amidst Shadows

Aurelion: Eternal Balance: The Coin
by Lights amidst Shadows 

Young, cool, unique – these are the voices of Lights Amidst Shadows, a writing team of more than twenty Bulgarian authors, who, in spite of the shadowy political atmosphere in their post-communist home country, tell us a story about larger-than-life events on the mystical planet Aurelion. The planet is inhabited by people, elves, dwarves, kobolds, ogres and other mythical creatures, but it resembles our world in more than one way. Its denizens have turned their backs on their natural magical skills and talents and are now slaves of the modern world – technology, politics, entertainment, the easy way of living. One day, a homeless little elf steals an ancient coin from a drunk mage, and this is where our grand adventure begins, told in the vibrant voices of our collective of young authors.
Aurelion is a tale of another world, mirroring our own. Every character and every event contain a message of a better tomorrow, coming from the hearts of a handful of young people who keep the magic of creativity and the desire to be kind alive. Read it and find out for yourself.

About the author:
Lights amidst Shadows, a creative writing club for children and young people based in the town of Kazanlak, Bulgaria, was founded in 2003.
Since then, we have co-authored ten novels, with more under way. As far as we know, we are the only Bulgarian group of authors writing collective novels. Between seven and fifteen young artists were involved in each one of the books, as both writers and illustrators.
Our work has been popular with children, teenagers and young adults in Bulgaria; our trilogy Aurelion: Eternal Balance placed 29th in the Best 100 Children’s Books poll held in Bulgaria in 2011 (the poll results can be seen here!). We have also won the Eurocon Debut Award for "The Show"  and a number of Bulgarian and international awards, both collective and individual.
We dream of finding readers beyond the boundaries of Bulgaria. Therefore, besides translating Aurelion: Eternal Balance into English, we started making a web series based on the books.
You can watch the first two episodes here!

My Review:
This was a unique story for a couple of reasons. First it was written by a group of authors not just one person which lead to a smooth story instead of disjointed. Second it was not written by native English speakers so the writing was impressive but there were a few forgivable mistakes. The story was a quick read and was not a classic sci-fi it was actually more fantasy. I love both genres so I was able to fall into the story easily. The characters grow throughout the story which propels the story for the readers. The plot was filled with adventure which made this book a quick read. I enjoyed the book overall. As I mentioned before there were some mistakes with word flow and editing, but it didn't prevent me from finishing the book. Overall I would recommend this book to young readers who was to take a quick adventure.

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