Official Review Tour: The Curse Servant by J.P. Sloan

The Curse Servant, by J.P. Sloan
Genre: urban-fantasy
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Date of Re-Release: February 26, 2015

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The one person standing between Hell… and an innocent girl… is a man without a soul.

A regular life isn’t in the cards for Dorian Lake, but with his charm-crafting business invigorated, and the prospect of a serious relationship within his grasp, life is closer to normal than Dorian could ever expect. In the heat of the Baltimore mayoral campaign, Dorian has managed to balance his arrangements with Deputy Mayor Julian Bright with his search to find his lost soul. Dorian soon learns of a Netherworker, the head of a dangerous West Coast cabal, who might be able to find and return his soul. The price? Just one curse.

Sounds easy… but nothing ever is for Dorian. A dark presence arrives in the city, hell-bent on finding Dorian’s soul first. Innocents are caught in the crossfire, and Dorian finds it harder to keep his commitments to Bright. When the fight gets personal, and the entity hits too close to home, Dorian must rely on those he trusts the least to save the ones he loves. As he tests the limits of his hermetic skills to defeat this new enemy, will Dorian lose his one chance to avoid damnation?

Book One The Curse Merchant Synopsis:
Dorian Lake spent years cornering the Baltimore hex-crafting market, using his skills at the hermetic arts to exact karmic justice for those whom the system has failed. He keeps his magic clean and free of soul-corrupting Netherwork, thus avoiding both the karmic blow-back of his practice and the notice of the Presidium, a powerful cabal of practitioners that polices the esoteric arts in America. However, when an unscrupulous Netherworker interferes with both his business and his personal life, Dorian's disarming charisma and hermetic savvy may not be enough to keep his soul out of jeopardy. His rival, a soul monger named Neil Osterhaus, wouldn't be such a problem were it not for Carmen, Dorian's captivating ex-lover. After two years' absence Carmen arrives at Dorian’s doorstep with a problem: she sold her soul to Osterhaus, and has only two weeks to buy it back. Hoping to win back Carmen's affections, Dorian must find a replacement soul without tainting his own. As Dorian descends into the shadows of Baltimore’s underworld, he must decide how low he is willing to stoop in order to save Carmen from eternal damnation... with the Presidium watching, waiting for him to cross the line.

About The Author:
I am a storyteller, eager to transport the reader to strange yet familiar worlds. My writing is dark, fantastical, at times stretching the limits of the human experience, and other times hinting at the monsters lurking under your bed. I write science fiction, urban fantasy, horror, and several shades in between.
I am a husband and a father, living in the “wine country” of central Maryland. I’m surrounded by grapevines and cows. During the day I commute to Baltimore, and somehow manage to escape each afternoon with only minor scrapes and bruises. I am also a homebrewer and a certified beer judge. My avocations dovetail nicely!

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My Review of book one in this series The Curse Merchant:
I received both books for this review which I was happy because I love you series! I love a book that captures you with the first line: "There’s nothing quite so clarifying as a gun to the head." This book flowed at a great pace from beginning to end. You would think it would be difficult to connect with a character that sells curses for a living but he was so likeable! The plot is adventurous and filled with enjoyable twist. My favorite part of this book was the writing the author does a great job of eclipsing you in a sense of doom and darkness, it was very well written!

My Rating:

My Review of The Curse Servant:
You definitely need to read both books in the series at least I feel that you need to read both books. After finishing the first book I immediately started the second one because I loved the main character Dorian. The world that the author created is original, believable, and captivating. I like the storyline of the second book better than the first cause it was much more enjoyable and much more adventurous. This is a must read series for those who love paranormal, mystery, and simply just a really well written book. The characters are realistic and relatable. The plot twists and arcs will keep your interests peeked! I recommend this series to everyone, go out and get your copies today!

My Rating:


  1. the cover of the book on the top of the page is amazing! loved the description and your review as well :)


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