Guess which Book this Quote/s Come from and WIN IT!! -Post 2

Welcome to the first 'Guess which Book this Quote/s Come from' Giveaway of the year!

Lets get right to the guessing!

Tell me in the raffle-copter below which book this quote/s comes from:

“There are some feelings, and actions, for which words are utterly useless.”-Post 1

“What was premeditated murder if not calculated leverage?” -Post 2

Post 1
There are two authors for this book (1 is very well known).
Genres-Fiction, Mystery, Crime, Suspense, Thriller, Adult
384 Pages
Published September 2010 (1st time)

Post 2
Nick Daniels is the main character
3.77 star rating on Goodreads!
Published in September 20th 2011 by Grand Central Publishing (the edition I'm giving away)

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