February Writing Update

Hello again! I know it has been a while since I have written about my books progress. I have been to busy with book reviews and other life things to get one posted. However here is a new one for you all, but I still am asking the same question about a characters name!
  • How I did on last Month’s goal: Aim for 2000 words on days I am not working. I managed that and now have a word count above 10,000!
  • My goal for this Month: Keep Writing 2000 words on my day off and write somewhere new!
  • A word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised last Month: I wrote a lot of the beginning/middle part of my book the build to the first major climax in my story.
  • Ask Followers a question about my book, example: Do you like this characters (insert name) So my question is: I NEED A NAME FOR A MALE SUPERNATURAL TEENAGER? I can not find a name I like for the third person in my trio. He is the only guy and comes from a family of werewolves. He might be one but still has not made a change so he could just be a carrier of the werewolf gene. He does have magical powers which is rare for werewolves or those who come from werewolf families and carry the genes. He is quiet but not shy a guy with few a few words. He is kind smart, and strong. HE LOOKS LIKE THIS:

  • Yeah I am a fan of the show dance academy....
  • The biggest challenge I faced this past Month: Working and trying to plan my nephews second birthday party cause my sister is sick. I have been very busy with other things as well so it is difficult to write. Well I have some time to write but my computer is done for, so I have to write on my families computer, which is difficult to make happen, or at the library also difficult to make happen with a busy schedule.
  • What I'm reading this Month: I am going to read Nightfall Gardens trilogy by Allen Houston. Have you read it is it GOOD?
  • What I've been up to this past Month: Work....cleaning....Birthday party planning.... looking for a cheap computer, but really wanting the mac book air....
Well I will update again next Month hopefully!
If you have any thoughts on my characters name please leave them in a comment below!


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2018 Reading Challenge
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