Honestly I felt like I have been sick for the past Month!

I had a sinus infection and then I was better for 3 days I had the stomach flu and was better for four days.... and then for the grand finale I had the real flu!
The doctors stuck a swab up my nose and everything it sucked!!
I keep catching everything that is going around!

I feel better today though so lets hope I do not catch anything else.

If you follow my blog regularly you would know that I usually host a monthly book giveaway.
However since I have been sick for the past 4 weeks I was not able to put one together this month....

To make it up to my lovely followers I am going to host two giveaways next month!
The usual Guess which book this quote is from Giveaway and a new Little bit of love Giveaway (since it is February)!

I will announce more when I have them set up.
Thanks to anyone who keeps coming back here to read my book reviews. I truly appreciate it.
Now let me know what you have been reading or been up too in a comment below please.


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2018 Reading Challenge
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