November THANKS Giveaway Winner!

The November Giveaway was fun for me because I was giving away four books instead of one!

Which book series are the Quote/s below from?
“Damn, (Main Characters Name). Warn a guy before you do a face-plant on the floor next time. I could have looked all heroic and caught you or something.” -Post 1

"“Can I come back and see you sometime?"
"Long as you bring me some chocolate," Gramma said, and smiled. "I'm partial to chocolate."
"Gramma, you're diabetic."
"I'm old, girl. Gonna die of something. Might as well be chocolate.” -Post 2

“(Girl Character): She told me last!
(Boy Character): Boyfriend!
(2nd Boy Character); Landlord!
(Girl Character again): Crap. Right. Next time you sell your soul to the devil, I get first contact!”
-Post 3

“Crap, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"I'm thinking we have about fifteen vampires and no blood," Claire said. "Is that it?"
"No, I was thinking we're out of chips. Of course that's what I was thinking.” - Post 4 

Well If you didn't figure it out that is okay I am announcing the winner and books now!
Drum roll please........
The first four books of the Morganville Vampire Series by Rachel Caine!

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2018 Reading Challenge
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