Book Review: The Murder of Adam and Eve by William Dietrich

The Murder of Adam and Eve by William Dietrich

A time travel thriller to prehistoric Africa in which two teens must judge the fate of humanity by saving, or betraying, the ancestors of our species: the genetic “Adam” and “Eve.”

A forbidden island. An abandoned fort. A deserted village. A living gargoyle. And a time wormhole that catapults teen Nick Brynner and his companion Eleanor Terrell to prehistoric Africa to pass judgment on mankind.

They must find and protect – or condemn – our genetic forebears, a real-life “Adam” and “Eve” to either preserve or reset the future. Nick must choose between wilderness, civilization, love, and humanity.

My Review:
Here is the thing when I downloaded this book to read it was based off of the title and the fact that the front cover said the author was a New York Times bestseller. I didn't actually read the synopsis to see what the book was about but right before I read the book I did and thought what the hell I will read it even though this book is mainly going to be about getting us to think about the way we are living today and the consequences. I started reading and was immediately disappointed by the main character Nick (stereotypical dump YA Boy) and the information dump of his boring life. 
After the initial information dump from the narrator (why oh why write a boring stupid boy as the narrator) Nick the story picks up. It is really faced paced and has lots of twist and turns. 
However it does not make any sense! 
Nick goes to island he is not suppose to, he falls in hole inside hut, he wakes up and leaves island. HE IS NOT CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO HIM AND HE DOES NOT NEED HIS BAG AND OTHER ITEMS HE LEFT BEHIND. These kinds of inconsistency annoy me in  a book. The nonsense only continues. On his way back from the island everyone is gone but a girl who calls him by his name but it is not clear that he actually knew her or knew of her. 
So lets move ahead a little to the aliens who tell Nick and Ellie (the random girl) that they chose them to go back in time to Adam and Eve and decided if they want to save man kind by hiding Adam and Eve from the aliens who will kill them or just let them die. THIS MAKES NO SENSE! Why would the aliens leave the decision to two teenagers and how could these teens even stop the aliens from killing Adam and Eve in the first place. The aliens can make everyone disappear and send these two teens back in time but they can't find the two teens hiding Adam and Eve! WTF! It only gets worse the aliens choose Nick and Ellie to go back in time but they first have too get tested in these cubes to see if they are able too Wait WHAT! ALIENS, You chose them, shouldn't you already know if they are able too go back and save or not save Adam and Eve? 
One of the biggest rules of writing fiction is to create complete rules of that world and to stick with the rules you create in that world. For example: if a vampire bites a werewolf the vampire is poisoned and dies, so if any vampire bite a werewolf it must die. So if the aliens can time travel and send people through time why do the teens have to go back why can't they go forward to fix the issue that earth will encounter. Well the author did not have a valid reason why they couldn't go forward in time. Hence the need to think out your worlds' rules and stick with them!
The characters are all stereotypes and really stupid even Ellie who loves animals which is why she studies biology yeah she doesn't want to study zoology specifically even though it is animals she loves! I mean the aliens choose Nick cause he is suppose to be the average male who should be able to understand the major issues affecting earth but no when he gets back in time he beats up another boy for talking with Ellie..... Yeah I can not go on with the issues I have with this book. 
I do not understand how it has 3.8 stars on goodreads and 4 on Amazon.

My Rating:
It is really only half a jelly bean for trying. I eat the other half!


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