NaNoWriMo Writing Update....

You know why I'm a pessimist...and not just a 'my glass is half empty' pessimist, but a full fledged 'WHO THE HELL TOOK MY OTHER HALF' pessmist...?
Well because the most inopportune things happen to me. 
For example:
I was all geared up for NaNoWriMo and was truly optimistic about this months.
I started writing and it was coming easily knowing I had to write 50k n 30 days. I was so pumped and went onto NaNoWriMo to update my word counts. I was even dreaming of my story and it was developing so well. 
Then I wake up and turn on my computer....
Oh no wait it will not let me log in so I try to restart it and it is still not working!
Yeah my computer broke.... I was half way through week two!
Yeah this was me to my mac!
Since then I have not written anything because I have been spending all my time trying to fix my computer and recover TEN years worth of family pictures! 
(All my word docs were saved online so I did not loose my progress on my book/s)
If you are asking yourself 'why doesn't she take it into a place to be fixed and they can recover her photos too,' well that is because I am poor.
Simply put I do not have the money to do so. All of my savings are gone because of holiday shopping for the family and the crappy car that always needs something fixed.
Now since I have been poor all my life I have learned a thing or too about my little mac.
It looks like I will recover my photos, but I still can not use my mac until I recover them all because I could prevent the recover of still lost ones or even loose the ones I recovered.
This means I only have my work computer to  write on.
The issue there is that I only have my work computer at work when I am working, so how will I have time to write.
Basically I need this guy right now:
Even when I recover my photos I will still need a new computer.
Except the computer I want is too expensive.
Does anyone want to buy me this mac?
Yeah didn't think so lol, it was worth the try....
Or Maybe I should fund raise the money like on
What do you think?


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