Book Review: The Fifth Vertex by Kevin Hoffman

The Fifth Vertex (The Sigilord Chronicles, #1) by Kevin Hoffman

Urus Noellor--a boy born deaf who is about to be publicly branded as a burden, incapable of being the warrior his people demand--stands upon a rooftop, poised to throw himself over the edge. His failed attempt at suicide unlocks within him a long-dormant form of magic thought to have died out thousands of years before, a power that may be the key to saving the world from an equally ancient enemy. 
Urus and his companions--Goodwyn, the greatest warrior in Kest, and Cailix, a mysterious orphan--must find a way to stop a powerful group of sorcerers from destroying the five long-hidden vertices that ward the world against threats from beyond, while fighting off threats from within. They soon learn that the scope of the coming danger may be more dire than any of them could have imagined. As the battle for the vertices spreads to the neighboring realms, Goodwyn must face the realities of war and death; Cailix discovers a devastating truth that could change everything; and Urus discovers his uncanny gifts and courage as he peels away clues to his true identity. But even as Urus gains the power he has always craved, he experiences it all in profound, lonely silence.

I have always had an insatiable desire to build - when I was a kid I started building things with my hands and tools, but once I discovered that I could create whole worlds and fantastic adventures within those worlds, I was hooked on writing. Today I have been able to put my desire to build to work by writing software, which pays the bills enough to let me keep writing books and building rich worlds.

I can occasionally be found off-roading on the trails of New England in a custom-built, armored Jeep that I call the "Zombie Killer".- Bio from amazon

Let me just start by saying this book was really well written by an author who has mastered his skill. This book was a great mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and steampunk, which I loved! The best parts of this book was the characters and the fact that the author keeps you reading easily! His characters are realistic because they are flawed yet likable like the main character Urus who is deaf. I never read a book where the main character was deaf before and enjoyed the read. The exploits that some of the characters were able to achieve in a moments notice were a bit unbelievable but I still enjoyed the read. 
I also enjoyed the fast pace which made it easy to read! 
The world created and the cliff-hanger ending left me wanting more from this universe by Kevin.
This book is geared toward teenagers and young adults or Adults who love YA books! I just wish the cover did not look like it was for kids 10 and under this actually might prevent older kids and young adults from reading this book. I hope not though, because this was a great read!



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