Book Review: The Boy A Thousand Years Wide by David Spon Smith

The Boy A Thousand Years Wide
by David Spon Smith
Published Oct 1 2014

It’s cold, so cold I can’t feel my face anymore. The sort of morning when murmuring snowdrifts fall out of the blackness, drowning out everything except the crackling of the powergrids. Behind me stands the City, its chrome Scrapers pierce the dusty sky like needles in my skin. In front lays the Borough, its grey ruins broken by time and neglect. The Wall surrounds us both. Everywhere else, snow white wastelands as far as the eye can see.

The Boy a Thousand Years Wide is an adventure story, a quest in every sense of the word. It's got battles, journeys and some very colourful characters held within its pages. It is at heart a tale of love and betrayal, of loyalty and friendship, of loss and freedom. It charts the awakenings of humanity in its seventeen year old protagonist; Baxter Wright.

About David Spon-Smith:
They say life can sometimes imitate art, so when Baxter Wright, the hero of my story, battles forces that would bring about the destruction of mankind, I take comfort in the fact that I only have to work in advertising to keep a roof over my head. Advertising is what you might call a ‘lively’ profession. I’ve met plenty of characters along the way, some good, some ugly and some very, very bad. A few of them can be found living and breathing inside the pages of my first novel, The Boy a Thousand Years Wide. Who knows, one day they might get a chance to read it and wonder if the similarly psychotic tendencies of Moloch, the story’s antagonist, were based upon their own behaviors all those years ago.As for me, I’m 34 and live in London with my wife Sharon and work for the 

My Review:
I have to admit that the synopsis and cover intrigued me and seemed like a different YA dystopian novel then those around. I was right about this book being original. Honestly out of all the books I have read this year the world created in this story is one of the better most original and promising setting for a YA book. The story is filled with action and is very intriguing. The main character Baxter's journey to fight off demons until he finds his angelic father was intriguing. I always enjoy a half breed stories in this case humans/angels. The characters overall were a bit too similar and this could have been improved by pumping up the dialogue. I did like Lily as a character. The mythology is sound and was not confusing. However the scenes throughout the book that built the plot were confusing.  This confusing scenes which seemed choppy took away from the story and made the book difficult to read. 
Overall I liked the original story idea and Characters were good but could have been stronger. I would have liked this book to have been properly edited which I believe would have fixed the confusing/choppy scenes/plot. The world created is the best part and very promising if this turns into a series.
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