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I live near Tucson AZ and the U of A host the Tucson Festival of Books every year!
Last I heard the Tucson Festival of Books is the fourth largest book festival in the United States.
I have not met but stared at a lot of my favorite authors over these past few years at the TFOBs. Including; Maggie Stiefvater, Aprilynne Pike, Lisa McMann, Cornelia Funke, Ted Danson. Okay that last one is a famous actor but he was at the Tucson Festival of Books last year, probably to promote a book I am not sure, but I stared at him too! I could have actually met all these authors but I usually go to their panels and watch them. One year I did wait in a long line for Aprilynne Pikes signatures on her Wing series and she is super nice! I guess that counts as meeting an author, but I could have talked to and gotten the other authors autographs too. I am always a bit tired and overwhelmed at the Festival because IT IS HUGE! I still love the festival I just prefer the panels over the signings. 

Anyways back to what I love! Books, their authors, and especially the Tucson Festival of Books, which brings both together for me!
The Festival Recently tweeted about Becoming a Festival Author. Naturally wanting some of my favorite authors to come I tweet asked them and below are my results:

Marissa Meyer, who writes the Lunar Chronicles Series, has not replied she probably did not see the tweet or will also be to busy writing. Or maybe she is thinking about it and might come! 
I always prefer authors to write over meeting them because I love their books and they need time to write them so I can read them!

Anyways for any Authors out there who want to give the Tucson Festival of Books a try go HERE to sign up. For all those other local Tucsonians who love books too ask your favorite authors to come. You never know what would happen they might actually come!
Just keep in mind that author nominations requirements:
Criteria for nominations include:
  • Book must be a recent publication (published between August 1, 2013 and January 31, 2015)
  • Book must be published by a well-established publishing house or one of their imprints (self-published books, titles published by independent / boutique publishing houses, e-books, textbooks and books published outside of the United States are not eligible for consideration)
  • A nominated author, if selected to participate as a Presenting Author, is responsible for all travel and lodging expenses associated with attending the Festival
  • Nominations will be accepted through October 1, 2014


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