September Writing Update

Hello again! I know it has been a while since I have written about my books progress. I have been to busy with book reviews and other life things to get one posted.
  1. How I did on last week’s goal: I did not complete my goal. I had to move again because the last place had to many issue they could not fix. So this move has put a stop to all writing until I can get things settled again. 
  2. My goal for this week: My goal for this week is to start writing again. Maybe two chapters for each outline. I think I can manage that. Also I want to buy the Dragon and start writing with that since my hands have be hurting a lot lately.
  3. A word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised last week: I did not write anything for my book but I did write a lot of book reviews. :)
  4. Ask Followers a question about my book, example: Do you like this characters (insert name)?  So my question is: Do you like the name Ahna? I can not find much on this name but I like it.
  5. The biggest challenge I faced this past week: Moving!
  6. What I'm reading this week: I am going to read Red Rising by Pierce Brown soexpect my review soon. 
  7. What I've been up to this past week: Packing Moving and Unpacking which I am still doing. 
Well I will update again next week. If you have any thoughts on my characters name please leave them in a comment below!
Has anyone tried the Dragon for Mac?


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2018 Reading Challenge
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