Banned Book of the Day: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
They are an unlikely pair: George is "small and quick and dark of face"; Lennie, a man of tremendous size, has the mind of a young child. Yet they have formed a "family," clinging together in the face of loneliness and alienation.
Laborers in California's dusty vegetable fields, they hustle work when they can, living a hand-to-mouth existence. For George and Lennie have a plan: to own an acre of land and a shack they can call their own. When they land jobs on a ranch in the Salinas Valley, the fulfillment of their dream seems to be within their grasp. But even George cannot guard Lennie from the provocations of a flirtatious woman, nor predict the consequences of Lennie's unswerving obedience to the things George taught him.

"A thriller, a gripping tale . . . that you will not set down until it is finished. Steinbeck has touched the quick." —The New York Times

Why is Of Mice and Men Banned?
 Offensive language, racism, violence. I never understand why they banned books that have racism in them especially ones that do not promote racism. As for the language and violence reason well that is just plain stupid when young people are exposed to those through video games and TV on a everyday basis. 

My Review:
This was the second book I was required to read in high school and I was excited about it.
See I was raised in Arizona where there are no required class readings. 
Then my sophomore year of high school I moved to long island and the schools are much better out there. I had to read these classics including yesterdays banned book To Kill a Mockingbird. I was excited about having required readings because I loved to read books and that was not provided, encouraged, or required, in English classes in Arizona. I enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird and was happy to read Of Mice and Men and I was not let down. I understood why these books are required, they are amazingly written and had a moral to the story which young students could benefit from. 
I truly enjoyed the characters in Of Mice and Men especially the relationship between George and Lennie. I could relate to George and his relationship with Lennie, having a little sister who cracked her skull from forehead to neck which caused developmental issues growing up. The story captivated me mostly the time period and what it was like to live back then.
All together this book was a great read!

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