I remember that day so clearly. 
I was woken up by my moms' screams telling me to get up now. 
I thought I was late for school again, but I saw the clock and it was way to early.
I screamed back what was wrong and she said the twin towers were hit.
We had spent that summer before in New York and went to the Twin Towers where I got a snow globe and spent the rest of the time with our family who live in New York.
What my mom said did not make sense and my first instinct was to look up at my twin tower snow globe which was just fine.... not a crack in it. 
Then I heard the TV which echo the chaos and cries down the hallway to my room. 
I got up and entered the living room my sister joined shortly after and the rest of our morning was filled with the tragic images playing out on our television screens and my mother trying to get a hold of our loved ones in New York. 
My sister and I went to school not to sure what to do with ourselves and not sure how to help our mother. The entire day was spent with the school teachers and officials keeping us informed about the tragic events. Most of my class agendas were put on hold so students could talk about the attacks and their connects to New York, the Pentagon, and those lost on the AA Flight 97. I was shocked by how many people had a connect to New York just like me and it made the world seem so small to me. One of my choir classmates lost someone...My family was lucky no deaths....I have an uncle who is an iron worker in New York who volunteered to clean up the fallen towers....He struggled after that for a while became depressed.... I do not remember hearing from him for years.... He was lost to the tragic images from the clean up....
Now he is better, the One World trade center is up, and today is a day we spend to remember!
To volunteer, to love each other, to be strong!


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