Procrastinators Block

I thought it would be helpful if I wrote about why I have not written for the last week.
I present....
My Top Ten Procrastinator Blocks that prevent me from writing:

  1. BOOKS, BOOKS, AND MORE BOOKS! Yeah you should see my kindle and nightstand right now. I have downloaded about 50 book this past month onto my kindle to be read. Also my Library hates me and gives me my entire wait list of books at once so now my night stand has ten books that I need to read in 2 weeks. The issue is I have books that I said I would review, so they need to be read first but I do not want to return my library books without reading them because I will have to wait another 6 months before I get them again. Dilemmas!
2. I have a cute cat, so I have to play with  him and watch him do crazy things like this:                                                                       
3. Did I mention I have a cute little Shih Tzu too: 
4. I love it when it rains and it is currently monsoon season where I live. So I have to sit by windows or go outside to play in the rain, which is not a good idea with: 

5. Big Brother aka the Season of Zach!

6. Did I mention my distracting cute little nephew who is very adorable!

7. Work and More Work:

8. Life:

9. Food:
10. Sleep:
I know some of my reason for not writing are lame and some I can do while writing. I guess I just haven't been in the right mood. Hopefully that will change soon, because I want to accomplish something with my writing and that will only happen if I write something.


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