Internet is back so Lets go Camping!

After a brief hiatus from the Internet, which seemed like forever, I can start blogging again. The hiatus from all things digital was not my fault or voluntary. No, it seemed the universe did not want the Internet to function at home or work, on my mobile device, or the Library. There fore I only had brief glimpses into our realities social network and inter-web. You would have assumed I would have taken advantage of the Internet block to actually write something.... Sadly I did not. 
I actually write more when the Internet is on. Strange, when you hear author after author tell you if you want to write you need to eliminate all distractions, including the Internet one of our generations biggest distractions, and sit there and write. However when I write I pause a lot because the word I just typed isn't the exact word I wanted, so I search the Internet to find the right one. When I have found the word I am looking for I am able to continue on writing. If I do not find the word I get stalled in my writing process. I am not sure why and I am not sure if I am the only person this happens with. Honestly I do not mind being stalled by the wrong word because I end up learning a lot more new ones when I search for the right one.

I would like to start blogging more. I am new to writing so I actually get on a lot of writer help sites to learn new things and improve my skills. I think I am going to start posting what I find to help other want to be writers. I will still continue to blog about my writing progress and book reviews. Along with book blasts and giveaways too. So I hope you stay tuned for more to come.

I will start blogging more after this weekend because what do you do after you get your Internet back on after a couple of weeks. Jump on the Internet, Facebook, email, pin, post, tweet?!?!? No No No you go camping in the mountains away from the Internet and all things digital!


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