Writing Update

Since my last writing update I have written zilch, nada, nothing, zero words!
Life has be hectic and almost every hour is taken up with other responsibilities. I know if I want to actually achieve anything with writing I have to write. Sit down every day and write!
The issue is when I get home after a long day of work and running errands I melt into whatever my ass lands on first. It is truly difficult for me to get up and write. I only have enough energy to eat, do chores, and go to sleep. When thinking about what I could do to get myself writing again I come to the same conclusion. If I had an actual desk and comfortable chair to sit at when I am done with everything else each day I could plop myself down there and type away. 
So I have purchased a nice little black desk to put my laptop on and work. I just need a comfortable chair. There is one chair in my living room, which is the one I usually melt into, that I could use. However, if I use it in my room then I would need to buy a couch!
Ugh I can not afford a couch right now....
So if anyone has a couch they want to giveaway in southern Arizona that is in good condition please let me know. I will come pick it up. Back to reality I need to save up for a couch. 
Lets hoping I can get back to writing. 
Is anyone else trying to write, if so please leave a comment on how you manage life and your writing schedule?


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2018 Reading Challenge
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