July Mystery Book Giveaway!

July is here and I have already had a busy first week!! I even lost track of time and forgot to post week ones Mystery Book Giveaway Blog! Oh No! 
No worries though because today is still the first week of July, so I will post it now!!

I am going to post a weekly blog with a quote from the book I am giving away. 
Each week will be a new quote and all you have to do is fill out the Forum Below with which book you think the quote is from!

Each month a new book will be given away!
This month I have one copy of a New York Times Bestseller to giveaway!

Which book is this quote from?
“It's always possible for human beings to spoil their own peace of mind” -Week One Quote

Week One:
This book was the last in a series consisting of 13 books.
I was disappointed in the ended and gave it only a 3 star review on Goodreads.
This book is Adult, paranormal, fantasy, mystery.
This book and its author are a New York Times Best Seller!


  1. My summer reading plans are to at least make a dent in my 250+ TBR bookshelf in my house.


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