July Mystery book Giveaway, Week 4!

July Mystery Book Giveaway Week 4 Blog!


I am going to post a weekly blog with a quote from the book I am giving away.
Each week will be a new quote and all you have to do is fill out the Forum Below with which book you think the quote is from!

Each month a new book will be given away!
This month I have one copy of a New York Times Bestseller to giveaway!

Which book are these quotes from?

“It's always possible for human beings to spoil their own peace of mind” -Week One Quote

“Experience had taught me it's better to be wary and feel ridiculous than to get conked on the head, or abducted, or whatever the enemy plan of the day might be.” -Week Two Quote

“But I also knew that if he turned away from me at this moment, somehow I would survive that, and I would find a way to flourish like the yard that still bloomed and grew around my family home. I'm (insert characters/narrators name here). I belong here.” -Week Three Quote

"And then Eric was standing beside me, and my heart gave a little leap."-Week Four Quote


Week One:
This book was the last in a series consisting of 13 books.
I was disappointed in the ending and gave it only a 3 star review on Goodreads.
This book is Adult, paranormal, fantasy, mystery.
This book and its author are a New York Times Best Seller!

Week Two:
The overall rating on Goodreads is only 3 stars, so I wasn't that off with my rating.
The author is female and a native of the Mississippi Delta.
Published: May 7, 2013

Week Three:
The main character/narrator is female and part faerie.
This book series was turned into a TV series on HBO. The Finale season airing now!

Week Four:
The Author is Charlaine Harris

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