July 25 Writing Update!

Hello again! I am posting my second blog with the new writing update format. Please leave a comment if you want me to add anything else to the post. 
  1. How I did on last week’s goal: OOOO Not so good. I was going to revise my outline and write two chapters. Instead I wrote about a Train Ride... Yeah it was a writing exercise. I wrote a lot but it was not about the story I want to tell now. I did fix my outline and wrote an outline for another story I had in mind. It was based of a dream I had where I was a werewolf. 
  2. My goal for this week: My goal for this week is to start writing again. Maybe two chapters for each outline. I have that would be a total of four chapters. I think I can manage that. 
  3. A word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised last week: I updated my one outline and wrote a new outline based on a dream I had. :)
  4. Ask Followers a question about my book, example: Do you like this characters (insert name)The issue I have been contemplating on the first story I am writing is about a character's twin. I started writing this story with one character having a twin to show the way he is treated differently in the world he grew up in. Also I love twins so why not put them in my story. After reading a post by an author I like in which she wrote about characters and how if there are characters that do not contribute to the story line then get rid of them. She mentioned killing off the unneeded twin. This has put me at a stand still and I am not sure why. At first I thought I didn't need the twin because he doesn't really do anything to make the story evolve. Now after revising the outline I am thinking he could play a larger part and that the character which is bringing the story down is the twins little brother. My question to my blog readers is this: Should I keep my twins and little brother, kill off the one twin but keep the little brother, or kill of the one twin and the little brother? I guess that is a tough question to answer when you do not know the story, so maybe my question is: Do you prefer twins or little brothers?
  5. The biggest challenge I faced this past week: I have been battling a headache since my last writing update and it has impacted my mood, appetite, and ability to think, therefore write. 
  6. What I'm reading this week: I am going to read The Tesla Gate by John D. Mimms expect my review August 6th. 
  7. What I've been up to this past week: I have been working and helping out my family with this in and that. Well manly with organizing their households. Apparently I am the only one who knows how to organize anything and keep it that way. Other than that not much else has been happening I swear this headache is kicking my ass though. 
Well I will update again next week. If you have any thoughts on my twin dilemma please leave them in a comment below!


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