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‘Reservation Ravaged’ debuted July 1, 2014

Hermione Daggert is a newly certified California private investigator and the junior partner in Denning & Daggert. Proud possessor of her own business card, she relies on her special analytical skills and ability to fade into the background so completely that people forget they met her. The senior partner, Emma Denning, turns over an assignment for a local Indian tribe, the Kanache, to Hermione. Over a year before, a man
camped illegally on the reservation. The chief forced him to leave immediately. Ever since, the land on which he camped has seen unparalleled devastation. The chief’s grandson is injured in a freak accident on that section of the reservation and loses a leg. Hermione is hired to find that man. And she does. But that is only the beginning. The Kanache sell that section of the reservation to an academic entrepreneur, Dr. Frederic Unlickner, who uses the site to build the Institute of Holistic Health, his lifelong dream. Emma Denning despises Unlickner on sight and nicknames him “Dr. Unlikeable.” No longer content to simply maim a teenage boy, the land seems to seek new victims beginning with a fiery crash, burning a young socialite alive. Hermione finds herself working at the Institute, trying to unravel the geologic mystery with several murders
tucked inside. No longer sure that she understands human nature, or anything else, she
narrowly escapes being swallowed alive by the land underneath her feet.

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About the Author:

Joanna Senger is the author of the 2011 murder mystery “Betrothal, Betrayal, and Blood.” She has been a human resources consultant for more than 20 years and now works as a paralegal northwest of Phoenix, Arizona.
For someone who never wanted to be anything but a writer, JoAnna Senger took her time.
Born and raised in the Kansas City area,
JoAnna remembers her suburban neighborhood
as possessing all the virtues of a previous
generation: good schools, good manners, large
well-tended grassy lawns, and beloved family
pets like her cat Poozy. Of course, there was
that time one of the neighbors killed Poozy with
a baseball bat. Of such incidents are horror
writers made.

With a day job full of facts and figures, JoAnna took refuge in murder mysteries and horror novels at the end of the day. Her first fiction release, “Betrothal, Betrayal, and Blood” (2011, Night to Dawn LLC), reflected bits and pieces of people and places that crossed her path. JoAnna has a bachelor’s degree in French and economics from Stephens College in Columbia, Mo., and a master’s degree in economics from UC Berkeley. She completed a paralegal certificate from UC Santa Barbara in 2010. JoAnna has taught classes in macroeconomics, information and cost analysis in human resources, management theory and benefits administration. JoAnna has been a human resources consultant for more than 20 years and wrote the
nonfiction HR book “Designing a Not-for-Profit Compensation System” (2005, John Wiley & Sons Inc.).

Q&A with JoAnna Senger
The central characters in your book are Hermione Daggert, Emma Denning and Dr. Frederic
Unlickner. Did you intend the reservation – the actual land – to be a character as well?
I think of the land as a living theater. Only within that theater can the characters be who they are
and do what they do. This land reminds me of the weather, affecting everyone but subject only to its
own laws.

Why did you choose set your book in the central coast of California?
In my opinion, that section is the least known region of the best-known state.
Because I have driven through California from north to south and east to west, I know a secret
about this most populous state: in general, California is empty. Yes, there are major metropolitan areas along the coast: Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach, San Jose, and San Francisco. The legendary freeways and suburban sprawl are quite true. Nonetheless, the state is mostly empty.
In 1995 I accepted a position at a small graduate institute on the central California coast. At the
time, I didn’t even know that the region had a name. Just as bi-coastal politicians, entertainers,
journalists and investment bankers refer to the American Midwest as “flyover country,” I thought of the coast between Ventura and Santa Cruz as drive through country.
I became fascinated with the California central coast: low salaries but a high cost of living, a
genuine pride in the beauty of their small municipalities, a frequent fear of the livability of other areas of California, housing costs and gasoline prices as high or higher than those in the largest California cities coupled with a desire to “not get too big.”
Most of all, I frequently encountered a belief that the region is special. If you live there, you
must be special, too.

You’ve always wanted to be a writer, but you started writing late in your career?
Yes. Although I’ve written essays, skits, and other administrative documents over the years, it
seemed that my real life experience had yet to reach the level needed to write fully rounded characters and plausible plots. And, to be honest, I was a little afraid of the twists and turns my unfettered mind might take. There was a point in time when I knew I was ready, and I didn’t worry about real life experience any more.

What attracted you to writing mysteries?
As real life swirls around me, I find human behavior even more mysterious than I thought.
People I have known for years act in ways I can’t predict, even if I think I know them well. Are we all
black holes, giving off no light but manipulating others around us with relentless force?

You don’t seem to shy away from anything too scary. Is there anything you couldn’t – or even
wouldn’t – write?
You bet! On the “couldn’t” side, I am not qualified or inclined to write scientific treatises or, for
that matter, science fiction. On the “wouldn’t” side, I would not write pornography, torture scenes, or religious works. That leaves lots of room.

You’ve written about human resources and in the popular genres of mystery and suspense. What
do you like to read?
I suspect that I am like most writers and enjoy a variety of books. I probably read more
mysteries and horror fiction than anything else, but I also enjoy adult fantasy, historical novels, and the occasional thriller. On the non-fiction side, I like political and economic analysis.

Meet Joanna Senger at Mostly Books this SATURDAY!
Author JoAnna Senger Book Talk & Signing at Mostly Books 
July 12, 2014 04:00PM

Mostly Books, 6208 E Speedway, Tucson, AZ, US
Join us on Saturday July 12th from 4:00 - 5:00 PM for a book talk and signing with JoAnna Senger.
Ms. Senger will be discussing her newest murder mystery novel Reservation Ravaged. This is a dark and chilling mystery that is sure to set your hair on end and keep you guessing until the end. Be sure to stop in the store to meet the author and pick up an autographed copy of her book.


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