Bones Of Faerie Book Review!

My local library has a blog where they recommend books. They recently recommended Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner. Janni now lives in Arizona so it was like a book recommendation for a local author. I read the synopsis and was intrigued because I love Faeries! I immediately requested a copy from my library and read it!

Bones of Faerie was a great read I could not stop once I picked it up. The world building was powerful and the characters were great. After reading this book it reminded me of Lois Lowrys' The giver, which told a story without having an information dump to explain the world or what was going on. The Bones of Faerie story and world unfolded beautifully and ended well. This story can stand alone for those who do not like series or it can be the beginning because it has two more books. In my case I love a good book series, so I already have the second and third book from the library. 
What I loved most about this book is not the magic and fairies, it was the main characters', Liza, story. She ran away to protect her town only to go on a journey to find and save her mother. On the way she endures many visions and trials that lead her on her own path of self discovery and the inner enlightenment of the difference between right, wrong, and all the silver magic in between. 
Also can if I have a daughter I hope she has a head full of red tangled hair and Allies personality!


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