Unofficial Cover/Book Promo: Fairest by Marissa Meyer!

Macmillan just announced today that an Author I like is putting out a prequel novel to her popular YA series.  If you haven't already you should buy the first three books of The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer and join another great fandom!
The first book is called Cinder after the protagonist a sixteen year old cyborg mechanic who finds herself used as a lab rat for her country and a last hope for the Hot Prince Kai.

The second book is called Scarlet after the protagonist who turns detective in order to save her grandmother from the Lunar wolves.

The third book out in the series is called Cress after the protagonist Crescent who is a Lunar Hacker that turns and joins Cinders quest to stop the evil Lunar Queen! 

All I can say about this book series is that they break convention on female YA characters, while telling great captivating stories. This is the best retelling of classic fairy tales that I have ever read! Each book is better than the last and I love that the author has based the science off of real life science/technology happening now and possible future; check out her website for more!

The series was excepted to be four books the last one called Winter which follows a snow white character. However Macmillan announced today a Prequel called Fairest, which will tell the story of how the evil queen of Lunar became evil!
As for Fairest the synopsis and Cover look GOOD! I can not wait for 2015!!

To read more about Fairest the Lunar Chronicles prequel please go to the USA TODAY article, which includes an interview with the Author Marissa Meyer!


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