June Giveaway!

I am going to post a weekly blog with a quote from the book I am giving away. Each week will be a new quote and all you have to do is fill out the Forum Below with which book you think the quote is from!
Each month a new book will be given away!
This month I have one copy of a New York Times Bestseller to giveaway!

Which book is this quote from?

“A gun. I had been brought down by a gun. It was practically comical. Cheaters, I thought.”

Week One:
I have read this book, check out my Review tab for my Goodreads Read bookshelf.
This book was a New York Times best seller and I gave it 4 stars on GRs.
This book is in the YA Paranormal Romance Fantasy Genres.
The author lives Originally from Michigan now lives in Seattle, Washington.

This contest is open to US residents only.

I will post the winner July 1st!


  1. I just read dan browns Inferno and you should read it!


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