The First Chapter

When I got the idea for my first book I wrote it down immediately. The idea came from a dream which turned into an intriguing chapter. I felt this chapter was not where my book began but definitely leads to something more. That is when I decided to actually try and turn my dream into a book. After re-reading the chapter I created from my dream I started to write the real first chapter.

I wrote it right after the Tucson Festival of Books 2014 and kept in mind the one thing I heard from most of the authors; Do not information dump in the first couples chapters, build your world slowly!
I tried this and was truly underwhelmed with the finished first chapter. So I scratched it and wrote another one. This second try turned out to be an information dump.

I feel like I need to learn how to build my world slowly while hooking readers and still tell my story. This is a difficult task but all my favorite books achieve this. I recently read Uncovering Cobbogoth by Hannah L Clark, you will see my review Sunday, and she achieves the task of hooking readers in the first chapter while not creating an information dump. I was impressed. Reading such a great book inspired me to write better.

I want to write a book that captures the readers and creates a new world the readers can get lost in. This will take time and I have read from several authors that when you start to write there is no deadline. Also most authors say they write at least five complete books before their first one gets published. Maybe I will write this same book five times until it is perfect....

Let me know of your writing struggles or Tips in the comments please!


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2018 Reading Challenge
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