Basic Grammar Mistakes!

I am the worst grammar abuser out there!
Why you ask because I know the rules and still break them!!
Especially when I am blogging, texting, or facebooking. (The last two are not words!)
This wouldn't be an issue in our society that does not care about grammar or real words anymore. (Forizzle!)
Well that seems to be the case where I grew up and still live..I really want to move out of HERE!!!!
I digress.. I can not break the bad grammar habits I have learned from our "life is too short and were all awesome say what you want right now" world that social media has created.
My horrible grammar is seriously causing major delays in the journey to my first book!
The reason I bring it up now is due to my wasted time on Facebook. Yesterday while not writing I saw a friend share a link they thought was funny.
Turns out the poster was hilarious and definitely deserved a share.
I looked through other posters by The Oatmeal and was pleasantly surprised to learn new things in an entertaining way. To be honest the things I learned were not new to me but a great refresher!
 I wanted to share some of my favorite funny parts of The Oatmeal's posters.
First up is from the How to Use a Semicolon poster:
Hairy Knuckles!
Dinosaurs High Five!
This last one is from the When to Use i.e. in a Sentence Poster:
Mystery Meat!
Apparently I live in a sad, cruel, and empty world!
I am not sure of a better way to break my bad habit of abusing Grammar then to just try.
If you have any helpful hints to help me please leave a comment below.
Also if you are a teacher I would invest in the above posters from The Oatmeal, because if I was your student I would have read and learned from them! I also would have thought you were the greatest teacher EVER!


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