I am still writing whenever I can, normally right before bed. I have gotten a lot faster at typing but I am still making a lot of typo's. Honestly it is becoming a problem for me. Taking away from the writing experience and slowing down my process.
It seems the most common typos I have are because my left hand is faster then my right.
For Example: ahve instead of have, knwo instead of know, popsicel instead of Popsicle.
Right after my left hand types the letter before my right I feel it and look up to see the typo underlined in red.
I have started to add these errors to the automatic spell change that word has, but that takes away from my writing time.
I need to find a way to leave all the issues to the end of the writing process. I just get so annoyed at seeing those red lines and can not last more than a paragraph before I NEED to go back and fix them!
Talk about anal retentive!
Other alternative save 200 dollars and get the DRAGON device everyone is talking about....
I do not know if I can save for the Dragon and my Trip to the Harry Potter Park at Universal Orlando Studios. Yeah I have been saying I am going to save for that trip since 2010 when the Harry Potter Park first opened. This will be the year!
Anyways let me know about your writing struggles in the comments below!
Or if you have any writing tips for me please leave a comment!


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2018 Reading Challenge
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