Darkly Delicious YA: Cutting Characters: The Deadly Side of Eliminating...

Below is a great blog post by L.V. Pires on cutting unnecessary Characters.
If you are new to writing and almost done with your first draft this blog post might come in handy.
 I think of a first draft as a wild disco party—and everyone is invited!   My focus is on the strobe lights and pulsating music ...
"It’s a Re-Vision, as Janet Burroway says in Writing Fiction,'Often I will believe that because I know who my characters are and what happens to them, I know what my story is about—and often I find I’m wrong, or that my understanding is shallow or incomplete' (397). "
I am waiting on a copy of the above book Writing Fiction, so when I read the quote in that blog I thought "wow what a small world!"


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2018 Reading Challenge
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