The Tucson Festival of BOOKS!

I live in Tucson Arizona and for the past few years The University of Arizona host the Tucson Festival of Books! It is the 4th largest book festival in the country! It is happening again this weekend!
Here is some information about the Book Festival:

I have so much fun there every year. Honestly it is the best two days of the year for me! I have meet many great authors including:
*Maggie Stiefvater  (She is cool without trying!)- The Wolves of Mercy Falls series, The Raven Cycle 
*Adam Rex (Funny and good looking!) - Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story
*Aprilynne Pike (so sweet and looks like a fairy I swear!)- Wings series, Earthbound, Life After Theft,  One Day More 
* Lisa McMann (She radiates intelligence but is real person and kind) - Dream Catcher

Yeah there are many many more!

This year I am going to meet MaryJanice Davidson, who wrote the Undead series. I love the Betsy/Undead series because they are funny and just a great read. Aprilynne Pike will also be back this year, which is exciting!

ALSO CORNELIA FUNKE who wrote Inkheart, which I read for the first time when Twilight came out. Cornelia is an amazing author and I have many of her books on my to be read list! She will be hosting a, World Building: Creating Imaginary Worlds Panel, and I am truly excited about hearing from her!

I wanted Marissa Meyer to come because she wrote a great series called The Lunar Chronicles! They are fairy tales retold in a futuristic setting with cyborgs and so much more goodness that hooks you! I just finished Cress, it just came out, which is why I wanted her to come. I need this Series signed by her for my collection! The Lunar Chronicles really is a great read! Each book is better than the last and I recommended this series to everyone! Hopefully she will come next year!
I will take lots of pictures this year and will post them next week!


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