My Head Exploded (not literally)!

I have not written a word in two weeks, which truly saddens me. The first week I stopped writing because I needed to take care of my family. My nana came to visit and she had bronchitis, so she ended up being here for a short visit. The day after she left it hit my mom, who ended up with bronchitis and sinusitis. The next day my one year old nephew was in the hospital on a nebulizer. The doctors think he has asthma but he is too young to be diagnosed with it and he did end up with a bronchitis. My sister didn't feel well either, so I spent a full week taking care of and cleaning up after them.

Then Monday comes and I have to go to work. I spent the whole day exhausted not being able to get much work done. The next day I could not move I was in so much pain. Turns out I was sick, everyone saw that coming right. I have a sinus and upper respiratory infection. I already have asthma so I feel like death. However the four different medications I was put on seem to be finally working.
I plan on staying in bed all weekend and try to write as much as I can.. Oh I also need to read several books on my to be read pile!

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2018 Reading Challenge
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