2014 Resolution

Hello All,

         My name is T.M.B.A. Corbett you can just call me T. I am starting this blog to help me achieve my 2014 New Year Resolution to write a book. I have always loved books and honestly if it wasn't for the Harry Potter series I would not have made it out of my youth alive. Books have always been a haven for me and now I want to provide that to someone else. I have dabbled in writing before, with a poem or short story here or there but nothing serious. I have terrible grammar skills and according to my college professors I am truly a repetitive writer. Honestly though I feel like I need to state things several times for people to hear and understand me. I digress, I want to write a book. I feel if I write about my struggles and progress this year maybe I will actually achieve something with this writing goal of mine.
So here goes nothing....


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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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