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I am sorry it took me a month to get up my Tucson Festival of Books Giveaways!
I moved and it was a difficult one so it took me a while to get the books and swag ready for the Giveaways (PLUS NO COMPUTER TOO)! Yes I mean Giveaways as in plural because I have a lot to give to my awesome followers!!

TFoB Giveaway!
 I will choose six winners from the rafflecopter below and first chosen gets to choose first between Six Prize Pack Options, so on until all 6 Prize Packs are taken!
Contest Ends 5/20/15 Open Internationally
Open to 18+ only some Prize Packs have adult content!
Void Where Prohibited By Law!

Prize Packs:
Swag including; a tote bag, bookmarks, poster, and pen, Some of the bookmarks have details about free e-books!

3 paperback books: Greg Iles's The footprint of God and Blood Memory & L.A. Banks' The Darkness
& 2 Hard covers: Janet Evanovichs' Wicked Business and Karen Russells' Vampires in the Lemon Grove. 

Adam Rexs' Fat Vampire, John Greens' The Fault in Our Stars, Suzanne Lesears' Innocent Darkenss, E. Lockharts' The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks.

Mata Ortiz's Journal of The SouthWest, Beth Gable Hicks' The Importance of Christian Friendships, Christine Korbs' The Music Therapy Profession,  Austin R. Moody's Asylum Heights.

James Pattersions' When the Wind Blows, Austin R. Moody's Asylum Heights, Charles & Irene Nickersons' The Legend Begins, B. Jay Reichs' The Glasnost Conspiracy.

Austin R. Moody's Asylum Heights, Charles & Irene Nickersons' The Legend Begins.



  1. It must of been fun going to the Tuscan expo. I went to my first ever book fair last weekend, and had a blast.

  2. Oh book fairs are so much fun and the Tucson festival of books is the fourth largest book fair and if it's awesome! Im glad you enjoyed your book fair too!


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